Do you want to characterize the surface of your samples by profilometry? Calnesis provides this type of service.

What is profilometry?

Profilometry is the measurement of relief. This analysis makes it possible to evaluate the roughness of a sample and can be carried out along an axis (2D) or along a surface (3D).

What techniques can be used?

3D mapping by profilometry
3D mapping of a surface obtained by 3D profilometry

The objective of the measurement is to establish an altitude profile of a sample. For this, there are two groups of techniques: so-called “contact” techniques and so-called “contactless” (optical) techniques. The technique chosen depends on the materials to be analyzed and the desired resolution.

What are generally the deliverables of a profilometry study?

The deliverables of a study are generally representative images of the analyzed surfaces, relief curves along chosen axes, and finally roughness parameters calculated from the reliefs.

2D profile of a sample by 3D profilometry
Example of surface profile

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Measurement of the roughness of solid samples by profilometry.