Expert laboratory in
Physical and chemical measurements

Your partner for all your measurements and R&D projects involving
physico-chemical quantities.

State-of-the-art equipment
We use state-of-the-art experimental equipment, usually used in academic research projects
Responsive and service-minded
We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your measurement, analysis or R&D project
A fresh look at your problem
Our multi-sectoral approach gives you a different perspective on your issues and problems
Adaptation, Innovation and Creativity
We carry out R&D projects on behalf of our clients from many sectors
serving your
R&D projects
m² of laboratory
experimental devices
studies performed
Our Expertise
Physical-Chemical Measurements & Analysis
Physical chemistry is involved wherever there is matter…
… and even everywhere where there is none!
Measurements and analyses
You want to determine physico-chemical properties of your products? We offer a wide range of measurements and analyses in our field of expertise, physical chemistry.
R&D studies
We carry out numerous R&D projects for our customers, specifically tailored to their problems and issues. These projects often involve several complementary experimental setups.
Technical resources
No measurement or analysis would be possible without high-quality experimental equipment to perform it. That is why we use a wide range of equipment to carry out projects you entrust to us.
Test bench development
We regularly develop for our customers experimental measurement devices specifically adapted to their needs. We take care of everything: design, manufacturing, testing, delivery, demonstration, etc.
Software development
We design test bench and measurement control software for our customers that is specifically customized to their needs. Most of the time, we use Labview for this type of development.
CALNE..what ?
If you want to know us better, you can of course contact us… but if you prefer, you can also consult the “About Calnesis” section of the website, which will tell you more about our Laboratory. See you soon !
Inside the dairy factory. Food processing plant.
Synthesize, Characterize and Optimize
The characterization of your products or formulations requires precise measurements of physico-chemical properties. By providing useful data for research, design and, optimization of your processes, Calnesis is the partner of your “R&D” and “process” teams.
Hand entering data on keyboard and holding phone, colorful data charts and graphs desktop.
Engineering office
Complete your offer with our expertise
When your clients’ projects require physical or chemical measurement services, Calnesis is the ideal partner. Thanks to its expertise and technical resources, your teams can strengthen their skills and finalise their projects in the shortest possible time.
Scientist examining jars in lab
Research laboratory
Ask for precise measurements… and publish!
Calnesis implements high-precision measurements and analyses for academic research activities. With these, you can complete your experimental work, optimize your models and publish articles that will become a reference in your network.
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