Customized test benches

Development of customized test and measurement benches for your R&D activities. Design, assembly, testing, commissioning.

With our experience in the development of measurement and analysis benches for our own physico-chemical analysis and measurement laboratory, we design and manufacture experimental benches adapted to your projects.

With the help of Calnesis, we now have a measuring bench that meets our needs 100%, for a cost ultimately comparable to what an unsuitable commercial device would have cost us. We were accompanied by Calnesis from the establishment of our specifications to the training of our teams on the test bench freshly manufactured and installed.
R&D engineer in the food industry

A set of specification, or not!

Whether or not your teams have drawn up a set of specifications, we can work with you from the very beginning of your idea.

Main stages of a test bench development project
Computer Aided Design
We carry out the Computer Aided Design (CAD) work in-house to design the assembly(s) that will be made. These elements are then validated and/or modified during progress meetings. This stage ends with the production of the manufacturing/machining plans.
Machining, assembly
We have a network of partners for the machining, production and supply of the mechanical elements which, after assembly, will form the prototype of the measuring bench.
When the test benches require it, we design and manufacture the electronic assemblies of our solutions by assembling elements in boxes specifically adapted to your needs.
Calnesis carries out the operating tests before delivering your measuring bench to you. A demonstration is carried out on your premises, and our teams remain at your disposal throughout the period of handling by your teams.
Our teams always had difficulty working with generalist partners such as machinists, developers and project managers who do not speak the same language. With Calnesis, it was different because measurement is at the heart of their business.
Lecturer in a university research laboratory
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